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Homes – 1960s Kitchen: Twin Tub Washing Machine

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Do you remember having a twin tub in the kitchen? It was a welcome development for the 1960s housewife, taking some of the hard work out of wash day. Until the twin tub came along, wash day hadn’t changed much since the early 1900s, and was a time-consuming ritual of washing, rinsing, wringing and hanging out the laundry to dry.

However, compared to our modern automatic, multi-programme machines, even the twin tub seems like a lot of bother!

A twin tub washing machine is just that, a washing machine that has two tubs.  One tub was for washing and rinsing the clothes in, and the other for spinning the clothes dry.  You manually moved the clothes from the washing tub to the spinning tub once the washing cycle has finished.

The twin tub on display is a Hoovermatic. The Hoover Brand has been well-known for over a hundred years for producing both vacuum cleaners and washing machines and other electrical products.