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Go explore the world at new family-friendly exhibition at St Andrews Museum

17 March 2022

Thankfully most travel restrictions are now lifted but you don’t need to hop on a plane for an adventure – a wondrous array of exhibits, brought to you from around the world, is in a new exhibition opening at St Andrews Museum.

Artefacts from six continents are a welcome reminder that you don’t have to venture too far to expand your horizons.

Follow in the footsteps of intrepid explorers to discover exotic lands and fantastic voyages in our colourful exhibition, Explore! Travellers & Trailblazers, which opens next week on Saturday 26 March.

Explore! features a host of intriguing objects from far flung places – including Japan, China, South Africa, India and Australia – and from the depths of the oceans.

It’s a chance to feast your eyes on beautiful hand-painted pottery, intricately carved ivory and polished jade. And to unearth some fascinating facts – who knew there’s more than one type of boomerang; that the oldest surviving map is 2,500 years old, or that many famous pirates were women?

Learn about the lives of famous explorers and delve into the world of seafarers, whalers and castaways. Meet polar pioneer, challenge yourself with our gallery quiz and pick up a fun craft pack to take home. From polar pioneer to tropical trekker – what will your amazing journey be?

“We are all explorers from the day we are born,” says exhibition curator Lesley Lettice, “but you don’t have to travel any further than your local museum to go on your own voyage of discovery. Your epic adventure starts here!”

The exhibition will run throughout spring and summer until 18 September.

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