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Frequently Asked Questions

for Silent Auction for Adam Smith Theatre Chairs 

How much are the chairs? 

We have set minimum bids for all the lots, which are: 

One chair  – The minimum bid is £50 

Set of two chairs  – The minimum bid is £100 

Set of three chairs  – The minimum bid is £150 

Is the winning bid what I pay? 

Please be fully aware that winning bids will be subject to VAT at 20% (eg for a winning bid of £100, the buyer will pay £120.)  

Will I know what other people are bidding? 

No. This is a ‘silent auction’ in which bidders submit their highest bid. At the  end of the auction the winners are those who submitted the highest bids. 

Can I bid more than once on the same lot? 

Yes. You can bid as many times as you want before the end of the auction  at midnight on Sunday 5 December. 

When does the auction finish? 

At midnight on Sunday 5 December. 

What theatre do the chairs come from?  

The main auditorium in the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy. 

What are the measurements of: 

One individual chair? 61cm wide x 86cm high x 41cm deep 

A set of two chairs? 119cm wide x 86cm high x 41cm deep 

A set of three chairs? 175cm wide x 86cm high x 41cm deep 

Are the chairs numbered? 


Will I know what row the chair/s came from? 


Can I buy? Or do I have to bid? 

If any chairs remain after the auction, we would consider offers to buy based on the minimum bid amounts. 

What colour are the chairs? 


What condition are the chairs in? 

Having been in use for 50 years, the upholstery is very worn. We don’t hold  liability for the fabric and any replacement should be with fire-retardant material. 

Do the chairs have any dedications on them? 

No. Dedication plaques that were on the theatre seats have been carefully  removed and stored and will be reinstated when the theatre reopens. 

How will I pay if I win? 

Following the end of the auction, we will contact bidders with the highest bids to let them know they have won. We will then issue an invoice by email and payment will be by bank transfer. Payment must be made no later than Friday 10 December. 

How will I know if I have won/am the highest bidder? 

After the auction closes, we will compile all bids for all lots and the highest  bidder will be notified by email that their bid has been successful. 

When do I have to pay?  

If you are a winning bidder, after a notification email you will receive a  separate email with an invoice. Payment should be no later than close of play on Friday 10 December. 

What if I’m not a highest bidder but a similar lot has not received a bid? 

If we have any remaining lots that have not received bids, we will use our  discretion to contact the highest losing bidder for a comparable lot to offer  the opportunity to secure that lot. 

What is the returns policy? 

Buyers are advised to inspect photographs closely before bidding on any lots as winning bids are final. Items are sold as seen in the photographs. 

Do the chairs need bolting down onto the floor? 

The chairs were previously bolted securely to the floor. They will require to be either bolted together or to the floor or wall. 

Can I buy as many chairs as I want? 

Yes, you can bid on as many lots as you like. 

How many chairs in total are you auctioning/selling? 

46 chairs in 19 lots. Lots vary for one, two or three chairs. 

Do you deliver the chairs? 

No. Before submitting bids, buyers must agree to collect the chairs at pre-arranged day/time between 10am-4pm Mon-Fri on w/b 13 December from Iona House, John Smith Business Park, Kirkcaldy. 

Can I pay extra to have the chair/s delivered? 

No. Buyers must be able to collect the chairs. 

If collect only, where do I collect from? 

From Iona House, John Smith Business Park, Kirkcaldy. Collections will be at pre-arranged day/time between 10am-4pm Mon-Fri on w/b 13 December. 

Can someone collect on my behalf? 

Yes, as long they have proof of your permission to collect and arrive at the pre-arranged day/time. 

I don’t live locally, could I arrange for a courier or carrier service to collect? 

Yes but pick-up would need to be at a pre-arranged time/date and the  service must be advised these are heavy items which will require two  people to carry. 

How heavy are the chairs? 

We cannot give an exact weight but buyers are advised the chairs are very  heavy and will need two people to collect. We cannot help move the chairs. 

What will you do with the money raised from the auction? 

The money will be used to improve the theatre experience and accessibility at our theatres for people who are neurodiverse or have visual or hearing  impairments. 

How do I make contact with you if I want to bid for a chair? 

When the auction goes live, bids will be submitted on click-through forms  linked to each of the individual lots. 

Can I choose the chair/s I want? 

Yes. You can view photographs of the lots online when the auction goes  live and select which lot you want to bid on. 

Do you offer a guarantee on the chairs? 

The chairs have been in continuous use for 50 years so have had considerable wear and tear. The chairs available for auction have been selected as still being in working order. We do not offer a guarantee on the chairs and any return would be only be in exceptional circumstances. 

What if there’s joint highest bidders when the auction closes? 

We will contact the joint highest bidders at the end of the auction and offer  them the opportunity to increase their bids. If all the joint highest bidders  decline, we will select the bidder who submitted their bid first in the  auction.