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Feeling full of menopause misery? Missing dropping in for a chat with friends to cheer you up? Don’t despair – just drop right in to our online sessions where you can meet old friends or make new ones.  With a speaker at every session who’ll share information and resources, or just be there to share experiences, all you need to do is grab a cuppa and join in.

Part of our Engaging Libraries Pause Not Full Stop project which aims to bust open those menopause myths, break down taboos and start open and frank conversations about menopause, these sessions are free and open to anyone, aged 18 and over.

Our first session is on Monday 24th May at 2pm when we’ll be joined by Lynn sutherland, Gynaecology Clinical Nurse Practitioner and Menopause Nurse Specialist from NHS Fife.

What are you waiting for? Book today and we’ll send you a secure Zoom link to the session at 9am on the day.  Look forward to seeing you there!

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