Cremation urn

Full Name: Cremation urn

Object Name: Urn

Period: Bronze Age

Date: early Bronze Age

General Location of Find: St Leonards, St Andrews, Fife

Object Found At: Law Park

Description: Cordoned cremation urn, with three raised bands around urn and decoration near rim

Historical Background: This large cinerary urn was one of 20 urns discoveredduring excavations of a Bronze Age site at Law Park, StAndrews in 1859. It would have held the crematedremains of a person buried in one of the graves.Charles Howie of the St Andrews Literary andPhilosophical Society excavated the site and in twodays found 20 urns, 16 of which are in our collection.“Several of the designs appear to have been effectedby twisting two rushes, or some other suitable material,into a cord about six inches long, and pressing this intothe urn while soft…” (Charles Howie, 1859)


Accession No: SAAUM:1977.1910

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