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Cultural & Creative Industry Strategy

The word 'Culture' means many things to many people…

For some, it’s an evening at the opera, for others, a music class for toddlers at the library. But the one thing that everyone should agree on is the very positive impact that ‘culture’ can have when we welcome it into our lives.

It’s this real possibility of improving the quality of life for Fife’s citizens that’s at the heart of our exciting strategy and plan to better support Fife’s cultural life.

More than 3,500 people were involved in ‘Culture Talk’, Scotland’s largest ever consultation on ‘culture’ and what it means to you.

From this extensive consultation came the development of Fife’s Cultural Strategy ‘Generations of Change’ and at its core is the broad definition of culture as defined by Fifers.

While Fife Council has led the way with the consultation, the strategy was devised by all the community planning partners and the ownership of 'Generations of Change' belongs firmly to you, the citizens of Fife, as it is your input, feedback and ambitions which have influenced its development and it is your continued input, feedback and ambitions which will drive it forward.  IT IS NOT FIFE COUNCIL'S STRATEGY BUT FIFE'S!

The Cultural Strategy initailly had 5 key commitments, but it has now been reviewed and consists of 2 key commitments, 6 objectives and 9 actions.

The 2 key commitments are:

1)  Strengthen and widen opportunities for cultural celebration, engagement and excellence for all.

2)  Make Fife a better place to live and work in for all, now and in the future.

It’s thanks to your involvement in that big conversation and the feedback received from people of all ages from throughout Fife, that there is now  a good picture of the work that needs to be done to change things for the better.
You can download your copy here or you can read a black and white copy in your local library.