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Fife Cultural Trust provides creative, entertaining and learning experiences that enhance the quality of life, through our partnerships and in our Museums, Galleries, Libraries and Theatres.


Fife Cultural Trust aims to enable and maximise the creative and cultural potential of those living in and visiting the Kingdom.

In this section you can discover the breadth of our involvement with cultural organisations, local creative industries and the education sector. You can also find out what opportunities and support we can offer to you or your organisation as well as details of our on-going Creative Projects.

Dance Framework for Fife 2015-2017

In 2014, with support from the Get Scotland Dancing initiative, Fife Cultural Trust, Fife Council and NHS Fife were able to fund a Dance Development Co-ordinator post with the key remit of developing a Fife Dance Framework.  What followed was a focussed period of research and mapping, seeking both quantitive and qualititive data.  

Research highlighted the lack of promotion for dance opportunities in Fife, with many existing without an online resourrce for information (Website/Social Media profile). Empirical research involved the development of an online questionnaire, in order to engage with Fife's communities to influence service provision, in line with the Fife Cultural Trust Action Plan 2014-19.  

The questionnaire  was designed to provoke both quantitive and qualititive responses to determine the interest in dance activity and dance performance as well as to gain an insight into barriers preventing people from participating.  61% of those who participated in the survey currently participate in dance activity or would like to, acknowledging the need to target hard-to-reach audiences and non-users, with 32 different styles of interest highlighted.

The research has highlighted the challenges and opportunities within the area and forms the base on which the Strategic Objectives outlined in the Dance Framework which you can download here.




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