Author: Joan Lingard
Reading Age: 8-10

Holly’s young, single mum is just about ahead of social services and just about running her chaotic life. Holly’s father works away on the oil rigs and is coming home to spend two weeks in Edinburgh with Holly.  Holly’s mum takes her to the station in Glasgow to put her on the train to Edinburgh and hopes to find someone that Holly could travel with on the journey, as there is not enough money for both of them to get a ticket. Then Holly spies someone she knows and waves to her. The woman is called Nina Nightingale and she writes books for children. Holly's mum asks Nina to accompany Holly on the train and they travel together to Edinburgh.  However, Holly’s parents fail to communicate with each other and this results in Holly being left with the Nightingales and their son for two weeks as her Mum cannot be contacted and her Dad hasn’t read his e-mails. Holly is out of her depth and comfort zone, but fortunately the experience proves positive for everyone and in the end and Holly gets the care she deserves.