Author: Onjali Q. Rauf
Reading Age: 10-12

A young lad is determined to change his ways when the consequences of his bullying prank on a homeless man are laid bare. 

Hector is a bully who doesn’t really care about anyone and believes his parents don’t care about him. His teachers don’t seem to like him, and he hates them. He really can’t stand teacher’s pet, Mei Lei, and spends his time making other kids’ lives miserable. 

A local homeless man, Thomas, who sits on a bench in the park is taking up space that Hector wants, so he pushes Thomas’s trolley containing his only possessions into the park pond. Hector has no thought about what is in the trolley and what it might mean to Thomas.  

Hector is convinced that Thomas and other homeless people are behind the disappearing statues and he reports him to the police. Soon he realises he’s got it all wrong! Hector, along with Mei Lei, must now race to get justice done. Will this show Hector the error of his ways? 

Another fantastic book by this award-winning author, bringing homelessness to the fore, and with themes of kindness, friendship and empathy.