Author: David Solomons
Reading Age: 9-11

Whether you know your Marvel heroes from your DC comics or not, this is a laugh out loud, fun filled adventure to keep you on the edge of your seat and afraid to go to the loo in case you miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!

Comic-book loving Luke Parker knows everything there is to know about Superheroes and Supervillains.  He knows so much about them that he would be a fantastic Superhero – at least he would have been, if he hadn’t needed to go to the loo for a wee at the exact moment an Alien visitor made his brother Zack into a Superhero who became Star Lad!

Zack knows nothing about being a Superhero, he won’t even wear a cape.  The only way Zack (Star Lad) is going to save not one but two universes, destroy the meteor heading towards Earth and defeat his arch-enemy is with the help of Luke and his friends.