Author: Sam Llewellyn
Reading Age: 8-10

A dark comedy about a family of very bad children who embark on a comic caper which leads them to their missing mum.

Meet the Darling family. They are very, very rich. But in the beautiful nursery of their fabulously furnished luxury mansion, all is not well. The Darling parents are pretty ghastly. But their children are just plain bad…

Primrose, Cassian and Daisy Darling are very bad children. Papa Darling and Mrs Darling (the children's mum scarpered long ago) both know that child-rearing is a task best performed by experts, not parents. Unfortunately, the Darling family nannies never last long, for quite obvious reasons. Enter Nanny Petronella Fryer – Nanny Pete – in a Jag XJS. Nanny Pete is different. There's the stubble for a start. And she lets them eat anything they want – no more burnt custard or lumpy porridge. They're all about to embark on what can only be called a comic caper, which leads the little Darlings far from home on a cruiseship full of burglars – and ultimately to their own missing mum.