Author: Piers Torday
Reading Age: 10-12

Gripping adventure that leaves you wanting to read the rest of the series.

Kester Jaynes is 12 years old, locked away in the awful Spectrum Hall Academy for Challenging Children, separated from his father and an elective mute after the death of his mother. A bleak existence within a bleak world that is run by Factorium, a Selwyn Stone Enterprise, after the “red-eye” virus caused the extinction of most animal life. The animals that remained were ordered to be killed for fear that the “red-eye” would then be deadly to humans.   

All this is normal life until Kester discovers he has a unique gift. He can speak to and be understood by animals because not all animal life has been wiped out. Kester meets some amazing creatures and goes on the adventure of a lifetime to save “his wild” and find his family.