Author: Rose Impey
Reading Age: 8-10

Two stories featuring the wacky ideas that Banksy and his friends dream up in their mission to make money.

This is your lucky day! You have been chosen to join the soon-to-be-world-famous Get rich quick club.
So step straight in to our office – you'll have to ignore the rat droppings and disgusting smell. The listen and learn, my friends.

Banksy is dedicated to his ambition to become mega-rich through his various money-making schemes. His business partners, and next-door neighbours, are the Baxter Brothers. Billy has boundless confidence and enthusiasm, and Sam is six going on sixty. And then there's Dingdong, their cousin, who is reluctantly allowed to join in, especially if she can help them out of a tight fix! The Baxter's garden shed is the hub and nerve centre of this budding financial empire. Just a shame it smells-and is packed with animals.