Author: Elizabeth Laird
Reading Age: 10-12

Set in Ethiopia, this is a moving story about two runaways from very different backgrounds as they struggle to survive on the streets of Addis Ababa.

Mamo is a poor city boy who is taken by a slave trader to a farm miles from the city and is sold to a local farmer, who treats him poorly. After a severe beating from the farmer, Mamo makes the decision to leave and he runs away, hoping to find a better life for himself. Dani comes from a privileged background but has a tyrannical father who wants him to join the Army, something which he is afraid of, so like Mamo, Dani runs away. The two boys meet in Addis Ababa and strike up an unlikely friendship. They join a street gang and beg from passers-by to feed themselves, relying on each other to survive.  The boys endure much hardship but also discover what it means to belong, and both Dani and Mamo learn a lot about themselves and their families on their journey.