Author: Adam Baron
Reading Age: 12-12

A funny and touching story about nine-year-old Cymbeline Igloo, who turns detective to discover the family secret that has led to his mother's breakdown.

Cymbeline Igloo has never been swimming, not even once and now his class are going to the local pool. How does he end up challenging the class bully to a race during their first lesson and end up being rescued from the bottom of the pool by classmate, Veronique (and losing his trunks in the process)? Cymbeline’s accident leads his mother to having a nervous breakdown and ending up in hospital. Why does this have such an impact on her? Why has she never taken him anywhere near water?

Helped by friends,Cymbeline follows a series of clues to find the answers to family secrets, which help him give his mum the support she needs.What he finally discovers is as shocking as it is unexpected, and it turns Cymbeline's life on its head but leads to new beginnings and healing.