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Carnegie Library

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The story so far:

The world’s first Carnegie Library opened in Dunfermline in 1883. A public holiday was declared for the official opening on the 29th August and thousands of Dunfermline people welcomed philanthropist Andrew Carnegie on his return to his home town. This first Carnegie-funded library set the way for a further 2,508 which have since opened in the English speaking world.

1922 saw the completion of a first extension, designed by architect James Shearer, which more than doubled the original space. Seventy years later, in 1992, a second extension was opened. The new facilities included exhibition and meeting rooms, a separate, well-equipped Local History Centre, and new, purpose-built Children’s and Music libraries.

Further developments have made sure that the library keeps pace with the growing demand for electronic information, learning materials and cultural resources. Combining the needs of the computer age with an historic building has required sympathetic planning to ensure that the new blends with the old.

The new combination of Library and Museum will enhance the facility significantly, ensuring an amazing learning resource and visitor attraction that the people of Dunfermline can continue to be proud of.