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Minutes and correspondence files of Steering Committees and Working Parties set up to prepare for Local Government Re-organisation.


Local Government Reform Kirkcaldy District Steering committee file ref G.83/6, 18/02/1972-28/02/1974, 1 fileKirkcaldy District Joint Steering committee minutes file ref G.83/6/1, 24/04/1972-07/03/1974, 1 fileKirkcaldy District Working Party file ref G. 83/7 28/08/1973-20/10/1973 and 02/10/1973-08/03/1974, 2 filesKirkcaldy District Clerks Working Party minutes, file ref G.83/7/1 11/05/1972-31/12/1973, 1 fileDunfermline District file ref G.83/8, 06/01/1972-30/01/1973, 1 fileDunfermline District Steering Committee minutes and agenda file ref G83/9, 20/09/1972-26/11/1973, 18/09/1973-29/05/1974, 2 filesLocal Government Reform Dunfermline District Clerks Working Party minutes file ref G.83/10, 24/11/1972-25/01/1974, 1 fileNorth East Fife District – General file ref G.83/14, 08/04/1973-04/04/1974, 1 fileNorth East Fife District Steering Committee, file ref G.83/15, 09/01/1974-04/02/1974, 1 fileNorth East Fife District Steering Committee minutes file ref G.83/15/1, 24/02/1972-29/05/1974, 1 fileFife Region Steering committee File ref G.83/21 29/03/1973-23/05/1974, 1 fileSteering Committee vol 1 15/3/1973-13/10/1973, file ref G.83/20, 1 fileFife Region Steering Committee file ref G.83/21, 22/06/1973-25/10/1973, and 23/10/1973-21/01/1974, 17/01/1974-26/02/1974, 18/03/1974-23/04/1974, 4 filesSteering Committee minutes (including constitution and scheme of working parties), G/83/21/1 01/04/1973-18/03/1974, 1 fileFife Region Steering Committee proposals by PA Management Consultants G83/21/5 01/05/1973-08/05/1974, 1 fileFife Regional Council Clerks working Party G.83/22/vol 3 29/01/1974-14/03/1974, 1 fileWorking Party No 1 Sub group on births, deaths and marriages file ref G.83/22A 3/08/1972-04/06/1974, 1 file

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Start Date1972-01-01
End Date1974-01-01
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Original Date Data1972-1974
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