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Register of condemned houses


Each entry gives: the address of the property, the names and address of the owner, the name of the tenant, the number of occupants, the date a repair notice was served, expired or work was completed, the date of the demolition order, undertaking dates, life undertaking dates, the number of units and date, the date of displacement of the tenants and the address they were removed to and remarks about the property e.g. ‘For the last 4 months of 1936 the 2 two apartment houses have been occupied by J Michie who has recently been evicted from two houses’.The register covers properties in Main Street and Orchard Place, Jacksons Square, South End in Thornton; Balheggie Cottages and Old Balheggie Mines near Thornton; Ivy Bank, East Lochhead Farm, and Sanderson Terrace, Main Street, Newbigging, Roadsman’s House, Ivy Cottage, Milton Cottage, and East End, in Auchtertool; Old School Row, Cowdenbeath; Lady Pit Cottages by Cowdenbeath; Kilrie Gate, Balcurvie, Tyrie Bleachfield, Toll Cottage Balbarton near Kirkcaldy; Seafield Cottages near Kinghorn; Whinnyhall Burntisland; Back Row, Pyetree Cottages, Main Street, Stevie Cottages, West End, Coaltown of Balgonie; Balgonie Bleachfield, Shythrum Mill, Alburne Knowe, Markinch; Main Street, Milton of Balgonie;, Dundee Street, Balcurvie Road, Hawthorne Cottage, Windygates; Back Row. Main Street Woodside; Chapel Village by Kirkcaldy; Muttonhall near Kirkcaldy; North Walkerton; Balbie Farm; Balquhomrie; Barnslee Terrace., Markinch;1943 – Limhead By Auchtertool, Main Street, Milton of Balgonie, Collydean Farm, Leslie, Main Street Coaltown of Balgonie, 1946 – East Clentree Farm, Auchtertool, West Bates Coaltown, Balfour Stables, Milton, High Burn, and Binn, Burntisland, Hawthorn Bank and Hawthorrn and Balcurvie, Windygates, Main Street, Milton, 3 -2 Cameron Row, 2 Cameron Row, South East Thornton, Main Street, Coaltown, Kirkton Farm, Auchtertool, Bankhead of Raith Farm, Cameron Row, Main Street, and 10 and 11 Main Street Thornton, 10 -`16 Cameron Row, Beechwood Street, and Milton Brae, Milton, Torbain Farm, Kirkcaldy, Kirkfother Feus, Main Street, Milton, West End, Coaltown, Newbigging, Auchtertool, Old Quarry, Auchtertool, Kirkforther Feus x 11, 7: 8: 11 Cameron Row, 15 Cameron Row, Main Street, Coaltown, Wester Balbarton Farm by Kinghorn, 12a and 8a Cameron Row, and Balcurvie, Windygates, Balgonie Blackfield, Coalfield of Balgonie by Markinch, Ivy Bank, Auchtertool, 506 and 8 Cameron Row, Windygates, 2 houses Main Street, Thornton, 2 houses Milton Road, Windygates, 7 houses Haughmill Lane, Windygates, 5 houses at North Walkerton, Leslie, Main Street, Milton of Balgonie, Warout Cottage by Glenrothes, 2 houses Cotton of Balbarton, Auchtertool, Main Street, Milton of Balgonie, Main Street, Milton of Balgonie, Houses of Wester Balbairdie and 2 houses at Damhead by Kirkcaldy, Rose Cottage Balcurvie, Windygates, Main Street, Milton of Balgonie, Mill

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