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Kinghorn Dispositions, Contracts, Protests for debt. 1806


1 Disposition by James Hallows to James Aytoun. 18092 Disposition by James Rutherford to John Hutton 18093 Settlement by Mrs Helen Philp in favour of Mrs Jane Sibbald 18064 Disposition by James Rutherford to John Gourlay & Spouse. 1797 and 18395 Assignation Contract & Lease between Alexander Ingram and Thomas Donaldson 18106 Disposition by Robert Craig to James Ayton 18107 Disposition by James Aytonn to John Russell 18108 Factory by Walter Rymer to Mrs Bain and Charles Anderson 18119 Contract for Officers House and extra walls of airing ground. 182710 Disposition by James Galloway to John Sibbald 181211 2nd Settlement by John Fyfe in favour of Robert Whyte 181212 1st Settlement by John Fyfe in favour of Alexander Nicolson and others 181213 Articles of Roup of land which belonged to Richard Muir? and John Douglas 181314 Settlement by Guisel Malcolm in favour of Eupheme Malcolm and others 181415 Protested Bill by Jean and David Lamb 181516 Disposition, Assignation and Deed of Settlement by Charles Moyes in favour of himself and Margaret McEwan 180317 Postnuptial Contract between Andrew Stevenson and Jean Watson 181618 Subtack of the Nether Mill, Kinghorn between Joseph Russell & Co and George Burgess 181719 Mutual Discharge in full of all Demands between Messrs John Darney and John Henderson 181820 Protest on Promissory Note by John Drysdale to William Paterson 181821 Commission & Factory by John Sibbald of Abden in favour of James Harroway 181822 Settlement by Robert Forrester to John and Janet Forrester, his children. 180323 Settlement by George Darney and Helen Lawson. 181124 Disposition by Robert Mackinshaw & others in favour of Robert White. 181525 Disposition by Robert and Janet Hunter and Andrew Crambie to Andrew Crambie. 179726 Disposition and Assignation Andrew Crambie to Christian Whyte. 181927 Disposition by William Skinner & Spouse to the Provost Magistates & Council of Kinghorn. 181928 Disposition by Mrs Jean Drysdale in favour of David Philp. 1821 29 Disposition by Sidney Sutherland to Margaret Jack. 1743 and 183930 Disposition by Charles Bremner in favour of Robert Menzies. 182231 Mutual Disposition between John Thomson and Margaret Brown32 Trust Disposition by John Hutton to Paul Baxter. 181633 Mutual Agreement and Disposition between Mrs Cook and John Brown. 182234 Discharge in favour of David Greig Trustees 182335 Protest Bill William Smith and Alexander Finlay to John Dickson. 182336 Mutual Disposition & Deed of Settlement by Alexander Chapman & Helen MacLeod his spouse. 181637 Postnuptual Contract of Marriage between Mr & Mrs Lawson. 182238 Protested Bill William Williamson & David Aitken and others. 182439 Disposition & Settlement by John Tawse & Margaret Darney. 182440 Protested Bill Robert Whyte & Isobel Stark. 182641 Disposition and Deed of Settlement by James Henderson. 182242 Protested Bill James Dickson and Peter Wylie. 182743 Disposition to David Darney. 182944 Disposition by John Robertson to the Trustees on the Passage between Leith and Kinghorn. 179445 Disposition by John Bruce to the Trustees on the passage between Leith and Kinghorn. 179446 Disposition by William Peers to Duncan Stocks. 179447 Disposition by John Bruce to the Trustees of Kinghorn and Burntisland Ferries. 179448 Contract between James Greig and Robert Turpie 182849 Disposition of Settlement by Miss Elizabeth Boswell 181750 Protest of Bill Chamberlain and Meldrum. 183851 Discharge by Jane Neill in favour of her father’s Trustees. 183252 Extract Registered Indenture of Apprenticeship between Martin Greig and John Whyte. 182953 Protest Balmain and Sibbald. 1832

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