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Printed books on Fife by several publishers Donated by Ella Kinnear (stored on searchroom shelves)


The Kingdom of Fife in Days Gone By, published by Lang Syne Publishers, 1977 1book The Kingdom of Fife publication by Fife Council, 1 bookCardboard Wedding Cakes, Lives of ordinary people of Fife during the Second World War. Chris Neale, Fife Council 1 book Discovering Fife by Raymond Lamont-Brown 1988 1 bookA History of Glenrothes by Keith Ferguson 1982 1 bookFringes of Fife published by Lang Syne Publishers, 1982 1 bookVillages of Fife by Ramond Lamont-Brown 2002 1 bookThe Buildings of Scotland, Fife by John Gifford 1988 1 book40 Years New Glenrothes 1948 1988 by Alistair J.D. Wood 1988 1 bookImages of Scotland, Around Leven by Ena Caldwell 2000 1 bookCastles of Fife, A Heritage Guide by Fife Regional Council 1994 1 bookProud to be a Linktonian by Linktown Action Centre Local History Group & Fife Council 1 bookKirkcaldy Links Market by Carol McNeil, Fife Council 2004 1 bookBalfarg, The Prehistoric Ceremonial Complex by Gordon Barclay, Historic Scotland Fife’s Early Archaeological Heritage, A Guide, Fife Regional Council, Dunfermline District Council, Kirkcaldy DC, North East Fife DC 1989 1 bookWest Wemyss, A Village Tale by Mary Cameron & Derek Johnstone 1 bookBygone Methil, A Saddle A Bonnet and A Pair of Shoes by Mary Cameron 1994 1bookAround the Farms 1930’s & 40’s, Boyhood Memories by Dan Imrie 1 bookThe Spirit of Lassodie by Rev. Ivor Gibson 1 bookHistory Comes of Age, Kirkcaldy’s Journey into the 21st century by Neil Reid; A Fife Free Press souvenir publication 1999 1 bookTowards 2000 A Fife Free Press Group Publication in association with Methil Heritage Centre 1999 1 bookBell Baxter F.P. Chronicle, 1964 1 bookletAlso donated from Ella Kinnear on 13/7/07Britain in old photographs, Kirkcaldy & East Fife by Bruce Durie 2002 1 bookKirkcaldy A New Illustrated History by Duncan Glen 2004 1 bookThornton Railway Days by Lillian King 2000 1 bookDunfermline ‘ Our Heritage’ by Bert McEwan 199 1 bookdugs doos & dancing by Jim Douglas 2003 1 bookBuilding the Bridge by Lillian King 2004 1 book To Move With the Times the Story of Transport and Travel in Scotland by Anne Gordon 1988 1 book Strange Tales of Bygone Fife published by Lang Syne 1 bookMarkinch Village History and Trail by Wemyss Environmental Education Centre 1989 1bookCoaltown of Balgonie Village study by Lawrence G. Blackwood 1984 1bookThornton Village History and Walks Around by Wemyss Environmental Education Centre 1984 1 bookCorrie and Cardenden published by the Workers’ Education Association 1bookKirkcaldy Then and Now by Kirkcaldy Civic Society 1990 1 bookKirkcaldy’s History Its Places and Its Famous Folk by Fife Council 2000 1 bookAround Kirkcaldy by John M. Pearson 1993 1 bookWhen Coal was King in Fife by Andrew Farmer 2004 1 bookEast of Thornton Junction The Story of The Fife Coast Line by James K. Corstorphine 1 bookAuchterderran of Yester-Year volume 1 by the W.E.A. Corrie Centre 1 bookAuchterderran of Yester-Year volume 2 by the W.E.A. Corrie Centre 1 bookAuchterderran of Yester-Year volume 3 by the W.E.A. Corrie Centre 1 bookAuchterderran of Yester-Year volume 4 by the W.E.A. Corrie Centre 1 bookAuchterderran of Yester-Year volume 5 by the W.E.A.Corrie Centre 1 bookBefore Glenrothes part II Social conditions in the nineteenth century by George P. Bennett 1996 1 bookBefore Glenrothes part III Social conditions in the nineteenth century by George P. Bennett 1997 1 bookBefore Glenrothes part IV A Gathering of Fragments by George P. Bennett 1 bookSchool Life in Days of Old by Alastair Brodie 1984 1 bookKirkcaldy in a Nutshell by Kirkcaldy Civic Society 1 bookFife Public Footpaths West Wemyss Station to Markinch by Wemyss Environmental Education Centre 1989 1 bookEast Wemyss Worthies Remembered by, 2000, Save Wemyss Ancient Caves Society and Wemyss Preservation Group 1 bookEast Wemyss Remembered by Wemyss Preservation Group and Save Wemyss Ancient Caves Society 1999 1 bookHunter Hospital or St Brycedale House a short history by Kirkcaldy Civic Society 1993 1 bookMissed Along the Way Memories of Kirkcaldy High Street over 25 Years 1945-70 and more by David A. Galloway 1993 1 bookNewburgh a historical trail by L.K. Pinford 1982 1 bookFife Public Footpaths Thornton to Cardenden by Wemyss Environmental Education Centre 1985 1 bookA Falkland Guide by Falkland Society 1988 1 bookKinglassie Village: A Mining Pedigree A Tribute in Verse by Andrew Farmer 2000 1 bookFife Folk Museum The Weigh House Ceres, Guide Book 1988Bell Baxter former Pupils association Newsletter Issue 30-32 3 bookletsBalbirnie Park Glenrothes by Glenrothes Development Corporation1984 1 book Kellie Castle and Gardens published by National Trust for Scotland 1 bookRoyal Burgh of Auchtermuchty Official Guide 1 bookletAuchtermuchty the Official Guide 1 bookletFifty Fife Walks Current and Prospective by Owen Silver 1989 1 booklet Photographs of Glenrothes Flower Show 1998 1 bundle Photographs of Glenrothes and Thornton 1998 – 1999 1 bundlePhotographs of Ceres 1997 1 bundlePhotographs of Auchtermuchty 1998 1bundlePhotographs of Monimail and Dunbog 1995 – 2000 1 bundleNewspaper supplements and cuttings of interesting people and events in Fife including Dunfermline Abbey, Markinch boys who died in the Ibrox Disaster, Lancastria disaster, Lomond Hills, Garden Competition, Map showing New Scotland’s Regional changes of 1975, Thornton and Auchtermuchty’s old railway stations 1963 – 2006 1 bundleBritish Isles Motoring map and Motorways and Main Roads map and Street map of Cardenden, Thornton, Wemyss and Getting around Fife Guid by Fife Council 4 mapsMr & Mrs Kinnear’s garden competition certificates and correspondence & invitation to Forth Bridge celebrations1990 and various leaflets and visitors guides 1990 – 2000 1 bundle

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