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List of the Countess of Rothes’ feuars and tenants in the town of Leslie


List of tenants in the Barony of Balmbreigh: Robert Clerk in Highome, Andro Imbrie there, Alexander Kilgoure there, Andro Blythe, John Young in Logie, Thomas Williamsone, John Thomsone, dead Robert Bowman, David Jack in Fliskmillan, George Jack, Robert Smith.Grissell Russell in Balhelvie, Gauen Adamsone in Wester Flisk, James Andersone their, Robert Andersone in Easter Flisk, John Bett in Balmbreigh, Robert Young officer, Robert Heniersone their, James Stenhouss in Banksyde, John Wishart younger, relict of James Williamson, John Leslie in Parkhill List of the Countess of Rothes feuars and tenants names in the town of Leslie and barony 1689William Hoggane, William Broun, John Aitkine younger, Thomas Bennett, Robert Thomsone, George Robertsone, John Oliphant, Patrick Taues, Eupham Durkie, David Bonnar, Thomas Webster, John Bennett, James Bogie, James Hendersone, J Whann, Ja. Baxter, Robert Huttonn, James Lesles, David Walker, John Aitkine elder, Alexander Baxter, George Aitkine, John Webster Great Laird, Margaret Gay, George Baille, John Greig, Patrick Greig, William Fultoun, Thomas Mure, John Webster tailor, Thomas Thomsone, John Russell, John Webster Coast Laird, Andro Moutray, John Andersone elder, John Andersone younger, John Yuile, Margaret Heird, James Robertsone, James Heird, Andro Gellie, George Todd, James Baxter, Patrick Gellie, John Gellie, Archbald Robertson, John Aitkine younger, Archbald Walkers heirs, Archbald Webster, John Beattie, Andro Allane, Jon Philpe, James Martines heirs, Archbald Wallace, Archbald Suirles, John Daes, William Daes weaver’s heirs, William Daes, William Russell, John Colvill James Bogie in Cadham, Patrick Lauson in Leslie milne, Alexander Birrall in Balgedie, George Greig their, Alexander Gibb in Balingall, John & Robert Greigs in Pittkivie, William Braid in Formanthills, William Russell in Balgothrie, Andro Todd in Little Balwhimmrie, James Wilsone in Drumain, Andro Robertson ?in the fer hole (crossed out), George Ireland in Caskieberran, James Oswald in the walkmilne yrof, James Reikie in Auchmoutie milne, James Bogie in Auchmoutie, Andro Robertsone in Clunie maynes, David Bridge in Clunie milne, Patrick Scott in Forrestertoun, Andro Bogie in Dogetoun, Alexander Dewar smith in Clunie, James Weymes in Begg, Andro Kilgoure in Coldame, William and James Swynnes in Easter Strathore, William Gibb in Wester Strathore, Michaell Dick their, Andro Hoge in South Lumfinnans, Thomas Bettsone in North Lumfinnans, Patrick Storror in Drumaird

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