OnFife is banging the drum and looking for support for a new project which will open up the world of music to more Fifers.

We are looking to launch a Musical Instrument Lending Library this spring and have put out an appeal for donations of any unused or unwanted instruments.

The new service, which will be based at Lochgelly Centre, will mean anyone who wants to try their hand at an instrument can do so without the expense of buying.

“This is a really exciting project and the partners we’re working with, including St Andrews Music Participation, Tinderbox and the Music Education Partnership Group, have been sharing their passion and expertise so we can make some noise with this new service,” said Karen Taylor, Creative Instigator with OnFife.

“But to really hit a high note we’d love people to get involved by donating any instruments that are no longer used or wanted and know they’re going to be put to a great use.”

Any donated instruments will be cleaned and repaired if needed before being available in the library.

Though, as Karen added: “While we’re ‘banging the drum’ for the new service, drum kits are one thing we’re not really able to take at the moment, both because of storage and for people to be able to take away.”

A date is still to be confirmed for the launch but once it is up and running, we will also be looking to offer tuition videos, taster sessions and workshops to make music as accessible as possible to everyone.

“Making a donation is easy – just take it along to your local library,” said Karen. “It would also be great if you could leave your details so we can thank you for your contribution.” To find out more about the Musical Instrument Lending Library, click here or contact events@onfife.com.