Our CEO Heather Stuart took part in a ministerial visit to the River Leven to raise awareness of Fife’s Climate Beacon for COP26 on Wednesday 13 September.

The project is an ambitious multi-partnership project to completely transform the neglected areas surrounding the River Leven in mid-Fife, making it into one of Scotland’s most connected and sustainable places, and in doing so, make the River Leven area a great place to work, live and play. OnFife is a partner in the Climate Beacon, working with The Leven Programme and Levenmouth Academy. Climate Beacons for COP26 is a Scotland-wide collaborative project between climate change or environmental organisations and arts, heritage or cultural organisations to stimulate long-term public engagement in the lead-up to and following COP26.

The visit was to a creosote site at a former timber works, owned by Metsawood, a Finnish company. The business wants to work with the Leven Programme to explore opportunities for a river park in an area, though derelict, still well-used by local communities. Fife Council and SEPA have been working closely on ground investigations to determine the extent of any historic pollution.

Heather Stuart visited the site alongside MSP Jenny Gilruth, Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development, Pauline Silverman, Senior Manager Partnerships and Places, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Duncan Zuill, Teacher of RME, Levenmouth Academy and Dr Lewis Coenen-Rowe, culture/SHIFT Officer at Creative Carbon Scotland.