'REFUGIO' - after Selkirk after Crusoe


Sat 30th Mar to Thu 9th Jul 2020

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Kirkcaldy Galleries

01592 583206

A Fife Contemporary exhibition celebrating 300 years since the novel Robinson Crusoe was published.

In the early 18th century a sailor from Fife left his ship and lived alone for four years on an uninhabited Pacific island. Alexander Selkirk’s subsequent account of his experiences provided Daniel Defoe with inspiration for his novel, Robinson Crusoe. 300 years after its publication, at a venue close to Selkirk’s birthplace, Lower Largo, REFUGIO explores the blurring of fact with fiction between Selkirk and Crusoe.

The exhibition combines different approaches to representation by photographer Roger Palmer: analogue and digital photographs made in Scotland and Chile; temporary works based on illustrations in an early 20th century book for children; and extracts from J M Coetzee’s 1986 novel, Foe

Details of accompanying events on www.fcac.co.uk

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