Rab Noakes: Welcome To Anniversaryville Launch


Wed 29th Aug 2018


£10.00 + £1 Reservation Fee

2 hours

Lochgelly Centre

01592 583303

Rab Noakes is a force to be reckoned with in the world of music in Scotland and beyond.

Born in St Andrews, in Fife, in 1947 he has now been a well-loved songwriter-performer for over 50 years.

Over the years Rab’s activities have been multiple and varied, from singing and guitar-playing to media production to professional participation in all things arts & culture. All of these are underpinned by a deep fondness for, and knowledge of, the popular song, in all its forms.

In February of 2017 Rab performed a well-attended, highly-acclaimed concert, with his ‘70/50 in 2017’ band of musicians at Glasgow’s Old Fruitmarket, as part of that year’s Celtic Connections festival. That concert, its songs and its players form the backbone of his 20th full-album ‘Welcome to Anniversaryville’. The songs are mostly by Rab and span nearly 50 years of songwriting from ‘Together forever’ [1969] to ‘It all joins up (in the end)’ [2017]. They form a sequence which contains interpretations of songs from a diverse range of sources from Scots traditional to Scots Gaelic to Al Jolson to Doris Troy to Pee Wee King to Marijohn Wilkins.

The band members are a rich mixture of people, some of whom Rab has worked with before and some he hadn’t. Some of them had played together before and some hadn’t. The producers and engineers worked a magic of sorts and they all make have a substantial presence in the finished record. The artwork, by Celie Byrne, captures its spirit magnificently.

Of ‘Welcome to Anniversaryville’ Rab says, “It’s all too easy for artists to believe their latest is their best work. It’s seldom true and, in any case, it takes time for that to be proved. In this case though, for me, it may well be true. The quality of the contributions from all involved, the attitude and sound achieved alongside the subject matters of the songs and their provenance do seem to add up to something. I always strive to make a record that only I can make. I leave it to you to put that to the test”.

Join us for the official launch of this thrilling new LP at Lochgelly Centre, a venue Rab shares a fond history with.

What others are saying:-

‘A blistering 17 tracks on what may well be Noakes's finest ever album.’ - ***** Morning Star.

All that is needed is the sense of permanent and Rab Noakes’ Welcome to Anniversaryville achieves that in spades.’ - 8.5/10 Liverpool Sound and Vision.

‘The album is both a perfect introduction to Rab’s artistry and a brilliant encapsulation of his versatility’ - Living Tradition.

Rab’s official website is at:- www.rabnoakes.com

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