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Carnegie Hall Technical Information

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Auditorium capacity 500 seated with 11 wheelchair spaces
Main access door 1.5m (width) x 2.4m (height)
Stage size
Proscenium 9m width x 6m height  - Raked stage
Stage depth from Proscenium 6.5m
Depth of Apron pit in 2.5
Depth of Apron pit out 0.6
Height of Lighting Grid 6m
Height of stage above auditorium floor level 1.15m
Wing space Stage right Restricted storage space
Wing space Stage left Scenery store 3.5m x 7m
House tabs colour Amber
Stage fixed masking Sets of tabs, legs, borders black
Stage-level dressing rooms 2 small (principals), 2 large (chorus) located under stage
Laundry Domestic washing machine and dryer shared with café
Orchestra pit Suitable for 10 musicians; lit music stands available
Bars on stage  
No 1 Bar 10x Strand Cantata F
No 2 Bar 10x Strand Cantata F
No 3 Bar 16x Thomas Parcan with CP62  (paired)
CYC Bar 5x Strand Coda 4/500 Floods and  8x Thomas Parcan with CP62 (paired)
FOH lighting  
FOH No 1 Bar 10 x Selecon 1200PC; Advance Truss 10 metres (restricted weight capacity)
FOH No 2 Bar 6 Strand SL 15/32 Profile; FOH Truss square 4m x 4m  (restricted weight capacity)
FOH boom 1 SL 2x Selecon 1200PC
FOH boom 1 SR 2x Selecon 1200PC
FOH boom 2 SL 6x Source 4 Junior Zoom 25-50 Degree Zoom Profile
FOH boom 2 SR 6x Source 4 Junior Zoom 25-50 Degree Zoom Profile
Lighting Desk 1 ETC Ion
Lighting Desk 2 Strand 520I Series OS v 2.8.6
Dimming circuits 108 Dimmable channels
Moving lights
  • 3x Giotto 400 Spot Moving Heads
  • 2x Martin Mac 550 Moving Heads
LED fixtures 8x ALUPAR Zoom 10-60 degree   RGB LED Parcan   (24 x 3W : Red 8, Green 8, Blue 8)
Effects equipment
  • 2 x 400 watt UV cannon
  • Unique hazer (local or 2 channel dmx control)
  • Starcloth (fibre optic) permanently hung upstage
Est. total conventionallantern count
  • Theatre type: 60
  • Parcans: 40
Followspots 2x Robert Juliet Margot 2.5KW located at rear of balcony
Temp power available 100 Amp TPN with 4 connections - 1 63 TPN cee-form & 3 63 SPN cee-form
Sound System
Sound desk Digico SD9 Digital mixing console
Speaker system
  • 6x Meyer Sound UPJ-1p loudspeaker FOH System
  • 2x Meyer Sound USW-1p subwoofer FOH System
  • 3x Meyer Sound MM-4 compact loudspeaker FOH system infills
  • 8x Turbo Sound TFM 212 stage monitor
Outboard rack Integrated digital effects in SD9 mixer
  • 6x Shure SM 58
  • 2x Shure SM 57
  • 4x AKG CK91
  • 3x Shure PG 56
  • 1x Shure PG 52
  • Radio mics (changing due to radio frequency reallocations phone for update)
  • Audio visual support is normally available
  • Technical support can be provided for LX , AV , Sound , Followspot and stage crew, please contact for details
  • Radio Microphones by arrangement
  • Tallescope for on-stage; Genie vertical lift for FOH access

Fully detailed specification sheets including full technical inventory and CAD type files of the lighting grid arrangements are available on request.

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