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Ref No. Archive Title Date
A/AAF/40/33/8 Thirteen receipts and accounts for purchase of clothing and household items.
A/AAF/40/21/2/3 Memorandum to John Angus.
A/AAO/2/1/19 Thornton Railwaymen Project oral history tape recordings.
A/AAF/40/72/4/2 Bonds and discharges etc
A/AAF/40/83/5/8 Method of burning small coal into cinders for drying off malt.
A/AAK/21/12 Scanned Copy of photograph of Leslie Kirk, the Green, the manse and the school and copy of photograph of the West Public School, Leslie
A/AAL/6 Tayport events and societies
A/AAF/40/99/4 List of places and names of persons purpose unidentified.
A/AAF/40/84 Suggested documents for projects
A/AAF/40/82/5/68 Journal of bores at Auchmuty and Balbirnie.
A/AAF/40/30/10/7 Printed memorandum from the War office regarding officers who wish to leave their commissions and chose who hold a rank in the army superior to date of the commission which they hold in their regiment or corps.
A/AAF/40/30/10/10 List of absent officers and of the returns of the infantry men in Ireland.
A/AAF/40/104/3 Noted account of salt pans 18C
A/AAF/39/2/121 Inventory of titles sent by Glenrothes Development Corporation to Messrs Allan, Dawson, Simpson and Hampton, W.S., Edinburgh
A/AAF/40/72/4/2/1 Discharge of Sir James Campbell
A/AAK/7 Photocopy of Markinch entries in the Historical Monuments Commission Inventory of Monuments and photocopy of listed building reports for Markinch
A/AAF/40/21/6 Letter to the Earl of Rothes.
A/AAF/40/73/2 Discharges and receipts etc
A/AAF/40/86/2/1 Letter from George Higgie to John Angus, factor, regarding the rental of a coalyard. 18th century
A/AAK/21/25 Scanned copy of photograph of the Countess Lodge, Leslie House and copy of photograph of the Duchess Lodge, Leslie House, nd
A/AAF/40/83/5/32 Note of the drift mine or Level room.
A/AAF/40/77/1 Household vouchers and receipts.
A/AAF/40/12/5-9 [missing c1992]
A/AAF/40/86/5/4 Account of Robert Craig 18th century
A/AAF/40/75/1 Accounts and receipts
A/AAO/113 Number not used
A/AAO/2/4/8 The Signalmans Pocket Book


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