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Ref No. Archive Title Date
FC/C/2/1/6 Notice of Alteration 01/03/12 + 02/04/12 2012-2012
FC/C/2/1/7 Notice of Alteration 26/04/12 + 01/06/12 2012-2012
FC/C/2/1/8 Notice of Alteration 02/07/12 + 01/08/12 2012-2012
FC/C/2/1/9 Notice of Alteration 03/09/12 2012
A/ARD/4/3 Raith Probus Club sheet music 2012
A/ACF/1/17 photocopies of photograph of Air Raid Shelter in Leslie (131 High Street) dated 16/5/2012 2012
FC/ED/4/52/4/8 Digital photographs donated by David Love of the old school in April 1912 and it being demolished July-September 2012 2012
FC/ED/4/52/4/9 Digital photographs taken by G Hamilton of the new school building and photographs of the demolition of the old school in August and September 2012 2012
A/AAL/6/19 Tayport Parish Church Magazine 2012-2013
A/AAL/6/20 Newport-on-Tay Church of Scotland Journals 2012-2013
A/AAL/3/21 St Andrews renaissance singers, St Andrews baroque orchestra - St Salvator's Chapel 2013
A/AAL/4/40 News From Claire Baker MSP - Mid Scotland & Fife Region - Spring edition 2013
A/AAL/4/41 Bellfield Organic Nursery News letter June - December 2013, 2013
A/AAL/6/21 Church of Scotand Balmerino linked with Wormit Parish news 2013
A/AAL/6/22 St Margarets Episcopal Church Tayport. Newsletter 2013
A/AAL/1/11 University of St Andrews 600 years campaign magazine 2013
A/ADH/75 Saline Heritage Trail Map by Saline & District Heritage Society 2013
A/AQR/5/1 Programme for events in Fife as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival, 1-26 October 2013 2013
A/APG/5/1 Markinch Matters 2013
A/APG/5 Markinch Community Council Newsletter 2013-2014
A/ARD/3/8 Raith Probus Club Minutes (disc no. 4) 2013-2014
A/AAL/4/39 Roderick Campbell MSP - North East Fife (SNP) - Parliamentary Report 2013/14 2013-2014
A/ADH/39/5 Rothes Papers Transcript in Japanese 1751-1752 2014
A/APG/5/2 Markinch Matters 2014
A/APG/5/3 Markinch Matters 2014
I/CR/2/2/181 Childs, John alias Walker, Gilbert or Thomas (C.R.O. 493/13 S.C.R. 108/16) 19
I/CR/2/2/182 Anderson, John alias Devlin, Joseph Rooney 19
I/CR/2/2/183 Brown, William alias Brown, William Innes alias Brown, William Irons 19
I/CR/2/2/188 Lachlan, John alias McLauchlan, Henry alias Rennie, Logan Matthew alias McLean, James alias Douglas, John No 95/17 19
I/CR/2/2/194 Thomson, Alexander McNeill 19


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