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Format: 2020
Format: 2020
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Ref No. Archive Title Date
A/AOQ/2/2/21 Interview by Yasmin in English with several people including Nadia ref 1004Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM021 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/22 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM059 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/23 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM060 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/24 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM061 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/25 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM062 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/26 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM063 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/27 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM064 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/28 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM065 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/29 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM066 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/30 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM067 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/31 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM068 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/32 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM069 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/33 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM070 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/34 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM071 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/35 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM072 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/36 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM073 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/37 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM074 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/38 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM075 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/39 Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM076 2008
A/AOQ/2/2/40 Marzieh Yosefi interviewed by Jenny Cook 2008
A/AOQ/2/3/5 duplicate of recording by Yasmin Gehlen with Janet Ali, Fahira and Mrs V Aziz. 2008
A/AOQ/2/3/6 duplicate of recording 2008
A/AOQ/2/3/7 duplicate of recording by Yasmin Gehlen in Urdu 2008
A/AOQ/2/3/8 (?) duplicate of recording by Yasmin with ? 2008
A/AOQ/2/3/10 duplicate of recording by Yasmin with Nadia Gehlen and Sabrina Akhtar 2008
A/AOQ/2/3/11 duplicate of recording continuation of 2/3/10, then interview by Yasmin with someone that knows the same people as Yasmin's Mum. 2008
A/AOQ/2/3/12 duplicate of Yasmin interviewing Nadia Gehlen and Marzieh Yousefi interviewing Susan Kareem 2008
A/AOQ/2/3/13 duplicate of Yasmin Geheln interviewing Shazia Ashad who lives in Leslie 2008
A/AOQ/2/3/14 duplicate of Yasmin Gehlen interviewing Nadia Gehlen and 2008
A/AOQ/2/3/15 duplicate of Marzieh Yosefi interviewing Selma Basha [see 2/2/18] 2008


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