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Format: 2020
Format: 2020
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Ref No. Archive Title Date
A/AOQ/3/9 Chantal Mrmi - Press cutting from Glenrothes Gazette about the publication of her book 'The journey of my life from Rwanda' 2007
A/AOQ/4 Project 'Talking Food' 2007
A/AOQ/4/1 Project 'Talking Food' session 1 2007
A/AOQ/4/2 Project 'Talking Food' session 2 Multicultural cookery demonstration for International Women's Day 2007
A/AOQ/4/3 Cookery book from Rainbow Lives Multicultural Cookery Demonstration 2007
A/AOQ/5/1/23 Interview with Li Ping Liang (Shelly) April 24th 2007 2007
A/AOQ/5/1/24 Interview with Jenny Chan June 05th 2007 2007
A/AEC/1/4 'The Baillie's Bequest' article by Carol McNeill in Scots Magazine August 2007 2007
A/AEJ/1 Markinch A Historic Tour of the Town and its Buildings by Bruce Manson 2007
A/ACF/1/7 Leslie The Paths on your doorstep 2007
A/ACG/1/5 Campaign leaflets for Kirkcaldy Scottish Parliament Constituency and Fife Council Elections in May 2007 2007
FC/CS/2/12/3/42 East Fife Mail newspaper 2007
FC/CS/2/12/4/6 Fife Free Press newspaper 2007
FC/CS/2/12/5/27 Fife Leader South Edition 2007
FC/DS/364/13 Fife Council Development Services - St Andrews and East Fife Draft Local Plan 2007
FC/ED/2/2/1/26 Fife Council Education Service Bilingual Support Service Gypsy & Traveller Education & Race Equality Standards & Quality Report 2006-7 2007
FC/LA/2/10 Voice4us staff magazine 2007
FC/LA/12 Oral History interviews with Councillors before the Council election 2007
FC/LA/12/1 Councillor Joyce Smith 2007
FC/LA/12/2 Cllr Bryan Thacker 2007
FC/LA/12/4 Councillor Tim Brett 2007
FC/ED/4/56/3/5 List of pupils at Queen Anne High School 2007-8 2007-2008
FC/ED/4/56/4/9 Copies of newspaper articles about Queen Anne High School 2007-2008
FC/ED/4/56/4/10 Queen Anne High School Calendar of Events, 2007-8 and Order of service for Remembrance service 9 November 2007 2007-2008
A/ADH/40 Poster for STANZA St Andrews Poetry Festival March 12-16 2007, and programme for the 2008 Festival 2007-2008
A/ABK Pittenweem and District Community Council 2007-2008
A/ARD/3/6/2 Raith Probus Club Minutes (disc no. 2) 2007-2008
A/ACB/2/3/10 West End Congregational Church Newsletter numbers 372 to 383, 2007-2009 2007-2009
A/ARD/2/4 Raith Probus Photographs Folder 9 2007-2010
A/AEX/1/15 Minute book of Markinch Bowling Club 2007-2010


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