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Format: 2020
Format: 2020
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Ref No. Archive Title Date
A/APR/2 photograph of George Lumsden's granddad taken at cainin' Hill (copy)
A/APR/3 Markinch Church under Construction? (copy)
A/APR/5 Markinch Town Council members (colour copy)
A/APS/1 Twin Town Olympiad records
A/APS/2/1 Photographs of Glenrothes Half Marathon (mounted on sheets of cardboard)
A/APW/1 Minute books of Lodge 1549 Glenrothes
A/APW/2 Attendance books
A/APX Abbeyfield Leven Society Ltd
A/AQC/1 Fife Death Index pre 1855
A/AQD/1 Printed books about Fife
A/AQD/2 Various images and documentation concerned with Markinch and the surrounding area
A/AQD/2/1 Copy image of Balbirnie Church, Markinch by George Washington Wilson
A/AQD/2/2 Balbirnie Colliery
A/AQD/2/3 Copy image of Markinch Horticultural Society show
A/AQD/2/6 Balbirnie House
A/AQD/2/7 Balbirnie House and stables: notes of architectural detail
A/AQD/2/8 Copy image of Balbirnie House
A/AQD/2/9 Balbirnie Park Golf Course & Markinch Golf Course: copy maps & images
A/AQD/2/10 A brief history of Balbirnie Park Golf Club: the first ten years (1983-1993), by John Gourlay
A/AQD/2/11 Notes on Balbirnie Stone Circle
A/AQD/2/12 Copy images of Markinch (two)
A/AQD/2/13 Balfarg Henge: photocopied extracts from book
A/AQD/2/14 Balfour crest & notes of origin on the name
A/AQD/2/16 Balfours of Balbirnie: notes & photographs
A/AQD/2/18 Balfour House: copies of sketch & photograph
A/AQD/2/19 Arthur Balfour, Edward Balfour, John Balfour: notes
A/AQD/2/20 Balgonie Castle: notes & copy images
A/AQD/2/21 Cardinal David Beaton: notes & copy images
A/AQD/2/22 Notes relating to Markinch taken from 'Social conditions around the Lomonds'
A/AQD/2/23 Betson Street, Markinch: copy images


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