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Format: 2020
Format: 2020
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Ref No. Archive Title Date
A/AOQ/5/1/15 Yasmin talking with Susan Gallagher from the Philippines of Chinese origin
A/AOQ/5/1/19 Marzieh Yousefi talking with Lijie Bowman
A/AOQ/5/1/20 Daksha Patel talking with Kamini Patel Interview Mixdown of 01, 02 and 03
A/APB/1 Minute books
A/APB/2 Petition Books
A/APB/3 Attendance books
A/APB/4 Finance books
A/APB/5 Test Fee books
A/APB/6 Register of marks
A/APC Records deposited by Markinch Heritage Group
A/APC/1/1/4 Photograph of the delivery cart and shop of William Colville Confectioner, Wholesale and Retail High Street, Markinch
A/APC/1/1/5 Photograph of William Colville confectioner's and baker's shop, High Street, Markinch
A/APC/1/2/1 Postcard of the shopfront of J A Ferguson Chemist, Markinch
A/APC/1/2/2 Photograph of horse drawn delivery cart of Kidd, Markinch, n.d.
A/APC/1/2/3 Photograph of two men and a dog in a car [registration SP 990], n.d
A/APC/1/2/4 Photograph of soldiers with a horse and cart outside the hall in Betson Street, Markinch.
A/APC/1/2/5 Photograph of nine women, n.d.
A/APC/1/2/6 Photograph of boys and two female teachers, by D Ross photographer, Leslie, n.d
A/APC/1/2/7 Photograph of pupils taken by D & W Prophet Edinburgh & Dundee, n.d.
A/APC/1/2/12 Postcard of Balgonie Castle sent by Mother to Dave, n.d.
A/APC/1/5 The Y.M.C.A. Tripoli
A/APC/5 Rolled Exhibition panels and mounted photographs borrowed from Markinch Heritage Group for Drop in Day on 27 October 2010 1st century-20th century
A/APC/5/2 Rolled Exhibition panels created by Markinch Heritage Group and borrowed for the Archive Centre Drop in Day on 27 October 2010
A/APE/1 Hunter Support Group minutes and correspondence
A/APF/2/4/30 Minute of Meeting of the Creditors of John White, Beammaker in Auchtermuchty. White offers his creditors five shillings to the pound.dated 10 June, 1840
A/APF/2/6/23 Small inventory of items in George Provan's House and shop
A/APM/1 Minute books
A/APM/2 Account books
A/APR Photographs of Markinch
A/APR/1 Deacon George Lumsden as a young boy taken at Cainin' Hill, Markinch (copy)


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