The Greenhouse Project

Green House

ON at Fife are one of four partners working with Edinburgh based creative company Vision Mechanics, on an exciting new environmental arts project which will commence on Monday 6th May. Green House was made possible through funding received from Creative Scotland/Public Engagement and Big Lottery/New Start.

Green House brings opportunities for creativity, participation and learning to four Scottish urban areas.

The Green House installation is a house in four sections - a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, with each project location hosting one of the rooms.

Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline - BEDROOM

North Edinburgh Arts, Edinburgh - LIVING

Mayfield Community House, Armadale - BATHROOM

Depot Arts, North Glasgow - KITCHEN

A team of artists will work with project participants over several months to transform a garden area to the rear of Carnegie Hall into a “living and growing” bedroom within a ‘willowed’ green house.

This will involve participants:

● designing the room’s interior

● creating furnishings using recycled and found materials

● constructing life-size sculptures from earth, of the room’s inhabitants, using casting techniques 

● planting the sculptures and furnishings with flowers, fruit and vegetables

In addition, cameras will monitor each room and the Green House installation will also exist, in its entirety, on the Green House website, allowing participants and audience members to “pop in” to visit all the rooms and view their development. A Facebook page, will provide a further avenue for connecting with the project. 

A web master will produce a stop/start animation film highlighting the growth process, showing the sculptures gradually crumbling and growing, to produce fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers.    

The project will culminate with ‘The Feast’ in September 2013, an event celebrating the harvesting of the Green House. Participants will be able to invite family and friends to share a meal they have prepared using crops harvested from the room and they will tell the story of their room and its inhabitants.

These events will also be broadcast through Skype/Facetime allowing each area to share their experiences with the other “rooms.”

Green House will be an inter-generational project with young people (up to 24 years old) being one of the specific target groups along with older people (aged over 50).

The targets are for between 20-50 people to participate in the project in each area, 5000 people in total to visit the site-specific installation and for 6000 web site visits.   

There will not be a charge for participating in the Green House project, with materials being provided and the project led by highly experienced professional artists.  Instead Green House will place value on participants giving their time, learning new things and enjoying the experience, whilst at the same time, creating an art installation which will be a positive focus within their local community.  


Construction will take place on the 6th and 7th of May, with a ‘willowing drop in’ for volunteers on the 8th May.

During June, July and August there will be numerous opportunities for local groups and individuals to work with our ‘lead gardener’ on a variety of aspects, both creative and horticultural. Please check the website for further details of the programme as it evolves.

For more information, or if you would like to participate, please contact:

Gillian Parsons, Creative Development Worker

Tel 08451 555555 ext 402224



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