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Reference No:FC/LA/12/1
Title:Councillor Joyce Smith
Extent:1 cassette tape
Description:Side A [recording misses start of interview] and 18 minutes 16 seconds on Side B Joyce was initially involved with the trade union whilst employed in a linen factory: she lost several fingers in a work related accident at the same factory. After recovering, she then went to work for G.E.C. in Kirkcaldy (01:45) and progressed in the trade union to become shop steward convener. She first stood for the District Council in 1980, in the Scoonie ward where she increased the Labour majority. In 1982 she stood for the Methilhill ward and achieved a majority of over 3000 (05:00). Due to her position as a councillor she was once asked to participate in a television programme on women's rights in the work place. She was on the Education Committee and became vice-chairperson (07:00), progressing to "chair of education" (10:30). She was also "chair of Elmwood College" for 10 years, involved with C.O.S.L.A. and also 10 years on SCOTVEC. Joyce was made a fellow of the Scottish Qualifications Authority. She doesn't agree with the reorganisation (13:10) of the local authority from Fife Region to Fife Council as the 3 district councils were able to concentrate on smaller issues e.g. housing and Fife Region on larger ones e.g. education and social work. Fife Council was the first local authority to introduce free bus travel for pensioners (26:00) and a free television licence for housebound folk. Joyce thinks that a community council(32:15) is required, due to a new system of voting; Labour are only putting forward two candidates where there should be minimum of three, ideally four and due to this and the increased size of the ward there will be a divorce from personal contact between the councillors and their constituents(40:15). From (35:00 mines. to 42:00 mines.) her election agent contributes several anecdotes and praises her work and achievements as a councillor.Total running time 50 minutes and 26 seconds
Related Material:Digital version stored on F Drive

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