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In April 2014  Creative Scotland announced an investment of £3.1 million to support the development of Nine Youth Arts Hubs across Scotland from 2014-2016 and Fife is one of the biggest!

The funding is to support the delivery of Scotland’s National Youth Arts Strategy ‘Time to Shine’ with each Hub acting as a focal point for regional youth arts, nurturing and celebrating ambition, enthusiasm and talent in Scotland’s young people by improving the regional infrastructure.

Children and Young people are the key stakeholders and decision makers for each hub and will define their priorities and preferred activities.  All activities within the two year programme are free of charge and help with travel costs can be supported.

Fife Youth Arts Hub (FYAH) lead by Fife Cultural Trust with Fife Council as its lead partner will be active across all seven areas of Fife.  The work of the Hub will also be accessible online through #HUB8 our digital information, celebration and communication space.  FYAH is delighted to boast a host of national, regional and national partners keen to work with children and young people in Fife.

To begin the project, Exploring Fife Youth Arts (EFYA) was developed as a campaign over summer 2014 looking at all the activities currently available for children and young people in Fife and the venues where activities are happening.  EFYA held conversations with all the organisations involved in work with and for children and young people and empowered discussion with groups aged 0 – 25 to find out what kinds of activities they were passionate about.

From acting, singing, dancing to drawing, pottery and digital arts, from filmmaking to radio presenting, the arts covers LOADS of different, exciting areas and children and young people across Fife have shared great ambitions and aspiration to be involved at all stages of creation, direction, performance and  management of FYAH’s work. 

In October 2014 the FYAH staff came on board now FYAH is up and running,  Our first Taster Tour – Take a Bite – allowed us to meet over 250 children and young people and our Primary  SING! project for Christmas has around the same number of young singers involved.  We had an active campaign running throughout November ‘Create #HUB8 urging children and young people to help create the new #HUB8 by uploading their work for inclusion in the new platform.   #HUB8 launched with a digital playground tour around all seven areas of Fife  on 15/1/15.

2015 will see the launch for our early years tasters, film and digital arts tasters and our first national art form specific residencies.   FYAH is adding events and activities to our programme every day. Make sure you don’t miss out!



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