National Festival of Youth Theatre


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The National Festival of Youth Theatre has taken place at Rothes Halls for two years running, in what is becoming a strong link between ON at Fife and Promote YT, Scotland's national organisation for promoting youth theatre.

NFYT is the UK's largest open platform for youth theatre, with around 400 participants take part in a varied programme of workshops and productions over the course of three days.

In 2010, for the first time in its six-year history, NFYT was based in Fife. A shift from the traditional autumn slot to the summer holidays allowed the Festival to host an extended programme in Glenrothes. The main stage showcased 16 dynamic performances, plus many more studio and site-specific events.

Groups who take part in the Festival come from across Scotland, as well as invited guest groups from Norway, England and Ireland. The stimulating and challenging programme is a diverse mix of modern and classic theatre, devised work, mixed media performance and physical theatre. Workshops held at NFYT range from hands-on performance classes to technical training.

The Festival also includes social aspects, which, together with the performance and training, create a positive atmosphere that boosts the young people's confidence, fosters links between participants, and strengthens the image of youth theatre in Scotland.

"One way of judging the strength of the programme was the very clear sense of 'festival' that it created amongst all the participants, and the consequent enthusiasm that surrounded every element of it" - Creative Scotland