Monster in the Hall


A play aimed at young people (ages 14+), Monster in the Hall was a commissioned, co-produced play by Fife-based playwright David Grieg, co-produced with the Citizen's Theatre's TAG project. The piece, which was accessible yet challenging theatre, won acclaim from audiences and the press.

The creation of the play, its central characters and storyline were informed by a two-year NHS-funded creative arts project involving 80 young carers. The subject of the finished play revolved around a day in the life of Duck Macatarsney, a teenage girl who cares for her father whose MS is increasingly getting worse.

A partnership developed between the young people and artists involved that informed the creative process; the production also gave Fife Young Carers staff the opportunity to get involved in the arts, and add to their CPD.

Monster in the Hall toured schools across Scotland, raising awareness of the issues surrounding care. The play then went on to play at the Citizen's Theatre in Glasgow, and was featured at the Traverse Theatre in the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The show toured to a range of schools and community venues in Fife, Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, Edinburgh, Dumfries & Galloway, Kinross and Inverness, with 37 performances in total.

Cast: Keith Macpherson, Gemma McElhinney, Beth Marshall and David Carlyle.

Photo: Richard Campbell