What did the cow say to the sheep…?

Posted by Janet Lawson, Box Office Assistant

Spout, Handle, lid of metal…. don’t those immortal words just take you straight back to your childhood?

I used to love watching ‘The Singing Kettle’ when I was a kid. Who doesn’t love a good singsong?, especially when you can add in some hand actions. The suspense of guessing when the next kettle would be found and what colour it was going to be was fantastic… There does however come a point in your life when it’s really not acceptable to go and see kids show unless you have a kid with you.

Bring on my 6 year old niece.

I was probably more excited than she was when we went to Santa’s Fun Factory at Rothes Halls last year. The atmosphere was fantastic, we bought our mini kettle and some sweets and were all set.

With a good mixture of songs, some ‘interesting’ costume changes and a hall full of over-excited children, it was impossible not to get swept along with the magic.

I have to say that my niece is now an avid fan, so will I be buying tickets for The Singing Kettle at Rothes Halls in December? You bet! I might even get to find out what the sheep replied…