Severe Weather Guidance

If bad weather makes travel to or from work difficult or dangerous, or if you feel that you have to leave early, you should agree this with your line manager.  Once the severe weather has passed they will work with you to agree the way in which you will work the time back, i.e. take the missed time as annual leave/time off in lieu (TOIL)/flexi time or other types of leave.  

As normal practice, managers/supervisors will check on frequent lateness and absences occurring without good cause however, as a reasonable employer, Fife Cultural Trust (ONFife) will take account of severe bad weather making journeys difficult. 


Use common sense
Try and get to work if you can
Be sensible
Pay attention to traffic reports
Think of your safety


Ask your manager to make the decision for you


It is your responsibility as an individual to consider your personal safety and whether a journey is practical. You should pay attention to weather warnings on TV and radio as well as any specific instructions from the Police or other Emergency Services and use your common sense.


Keep your manager informed using your agreed contact arrangements – please make sure that ONFife have up to date contact details for you.



Reporting to an alternative workplace depends on which alternative you can safely get to, i.e. access arrangements and opening hours of the building. Your manager/supervisor will discuss with you possible options in advance.   



Permission to work at home must have been agreed in advance with your manager/supervisor.  You should discuss with your manager/supervisor what tasks you could do and keep any necessary information with you.  It can be an opportunity to review information and get records and information up to date, including personal development.  It is important that you provide a phone number on which you can be contacted when you are working from home.



You may be a carer for a child or vulnerable adult.  If you are unable to attend work because of changes to care commitments caused by e.g. school closure or withdrawal of a support service you rely on, you will be expected to use annual leave, flexi-leave or TOIL, or the option to take unpaid leave may be possible. You will be allowed reasonable time off to deal with the emergency and make any arrangements that are needed.


The ‘Emergency Leave’ policy allows you to book emergency annual/flexi-leave on up to two occasions annually. Urgent requests for leave from employees will be treated sympathetically by managers.


 The following sources are recommended for seeking travel and closure information:

Local radio stations: Kingdom FM (95.2 – 96.1 FM), Radio Forth (97.3 FM), Radio Tay (102.8 FM)
Winter Line 03451 551199 – recorded information on school, road and other Council closures.
FISH – updates will appear in the News Centre and on the news ticker but you can also consult the winter mini-site.
fifedirect – check out the News Centre for the latest updates.

You can receive information about road closures, road updates and service disruptions straight to your phone or inbox – go to 


You can also sign up for updates on Facebook ( or Twitter (


There is also information on your television:

Sky Channel 539 (press red button)

Virgin - press “home” and then “interactive”.


You can also find general information about winter safety and winter driving at

To keep up to date with any changes to the services of Fife Cultural Trust, please check:

Facebook workplace

ONFife social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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