About us - Board

Fife Cultural Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee with the Council as its Sole Member and with charitable status.

The Trust is run by a Board of 13 Directors, 4 of whom are appointed by the Council.  The organisation is headed up by a Chief Executive, Heather Stuart.

The new Trust encompasses most of those services and facilities previously operated by the Council’s Libraries, Arts, Museums, and Archives service, as well as by ON at Fife Theatres.

Our current directors are:

Stuart R Cross (Chair)

Senior Lecturer and Head of Learning and Teaching at the Law School, University of Dundee.

Christine May (Vice Chair)

Self Employed Business Consultant.


Councillor Linda Erskine 

Fife Councillor Partner Director.


Councillor Brian Goodall

Fife Councillor Partner Director.


Councillor Donald McGregor

Fife Councillor Partner Director.


Councillor Mike Shirkie 

Fife Councillor Partner Director.


Dr Frank Quinault

Retired Director of Learning & Teaching Quality, University of St Andrews.


Dr David Caldwell

Retired Archaeologist, Historian and Museum Curator.


Carole Patrick 

Programme and Grants Manager, Life Changes Trust.


Jenni K Steele 

Head of Partnership Communication, VisitScotland.


Kathleen Taylor

Retired Vice Principal in Colleges Sector and Head of Service for Libraries, adult learning, culture and communities in Local government sector.


Katie Brown 

Head of Participation & Education, Scotland's Commissioner for Children & Young People.


Brian Lawrie 

Retired Accountant.