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Reference No:A/AOQ/5/1/9/1
Title:Yasmin talking with Rajan Singh Rai Part 1
Extent:1 compact disk
Description: Recording for Asian Connections ProjectTrack 1, length 52 minutes, 36 secondsChildhood in Wolverhampton. Moved to India for couple of years aged 7. Enjoyed life on grandparents' farm in Punjab. Forgot English, had to go to remedial classes when he came back to England. Description of grandparents' values and village life. (8.00) Difficult to adjust to return to Primary School in England. Racism. Bullying even from B.M.E. kids his accent different, he was new. (9.45) His comprehensive school was in middle of Enoch Powell's constituency. Every day spat at, punched, kicked, etc on way to school. About a dozen B.M.E. kids, good friends, used to stick together. From aged 11 or 12 took no nonsense (12.00) bit of a rogue. No opportunities for young people. Aged 14 family moved to Scotland. Not many Asians at his school. Racism. Protected his sisters and cousins (16.00) Good at getting to know people. Not same person now. Some of his friends in Wolverhampton unable to change. (18.36) After school worked in his parents' shops. Responsibility as eldest/only son. Gave up studies to work in family business. When business went bust needed to do something else. (21.00) Worked to pay for younger sister's studies. His voluntary youth work. Offered paid youth work. Discussion of his voluntary work as Director of Glasgow Mela for 5 years. Studied management at Stevenson College (33.00) studied acting when he was younger. Had to stop to support family. Stage Manager for Mela had lots of ideas so asked to join the Board. (41.14) Work with young people who had a disability. (42.53) Work as trainer. Worked four years as Services Manager for a national charity. (49.00) as a Manager from B.M.E.. community feels let down. Still discrimination and racism manifested in more subtle way. Sometimes it is ignorance.
Access Status:Open

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