View details for: Reference No. A/AOQ/5/1/2/2
Reference No:A/AOQ/5/1/2/2
Title:Yasmin interviewing Nila and Bhavika Joshi in English Part 3
Extent:1 compact disk
Description: Track 1 Track 1 Length 45 minutes and 52 secondsTalking about the differences between Scotland and Pakistan, specifically the different kinds of houses. / Visiting Pakistan as young children (age 6 & 7) for 6 months, going to a local fun fair. / Parents were very protective of the children while in Pakistan. / Went on a motorbike in Pakistan, was slapped by her aunt for looking down at the road, [8m30s]. / Homesickness for older sisters who stayed Glasgow, wanted to stay close to parents while in Pakistan. / Brother was stung by a nest of bees in Pakistan. / Cousin was shot in the face at fun fair, doctor put wax on his wounds [14m 30s]. / Remembers crying because the family was vegetarian, missed eating meat. / When first arrived in Pakistan, were sick. / Was always playing with the animals, goats and buffaloes, ducks. / Cousin chasing her around the yard with a vicious black hen. / Had nine ducks in the yard, ate the eggs, but one night before her uncle's wedding someone set the ducks' house alight. / Saw a goat sacrificed in Pakistan, around the time of her uncle's wedding [20m 42s]. / Remember being chased by a wild dog. / Family had land, a farm. Grandfather worked in the fields. / Was holding onto a buffalo, but let it go and then uncle had to catch it and tame it. / Milking goats on the farm and feeding them. / Difference between Glasgow and country life in Pakistan. / Saw dancing horses at the fair, father rode a horse out in the fields. [26m 45s]. / Scared of people with dark skin, wasn't used to it. / Shop round the corner, crisps tasted awful compared to at home. / Going to school with cousin, the other girls were mean. / Different sense of humour [31m 40s]. / Didn't understand the value of money in Pakistan, was too young to understand that her cousin's family didn't have as much money. / Only TV programme that was in English was 'Fraggle Rock'. / Got so many mosquito bites in Pakistan, while visiting Karachi [35m 20s] / Took the bus to the city, family had no car, bus was crowded and journey was long. / Buses were colourful, decorated, noisy, hot and stuffy, loads of people. / People were hustling on the bus, woman tried to grab her hand at the bus station. / Went travelling to Karachi with Father. / Went to Egypt, stayed in Cairo on the layover from Pakistan. / Egypt was much cleaner than Pakistan. / Dad's mother had a very loud laugh, seemed to favour her daughter's children. / Dad's father was always out in the fields, didn't express his emotions [41m 13s.] / Father showed more love to his children than his father showed to him. / When Grandfather came to UK for her sister's wedding, he softened up a bit.[Recording cuts off mid-sentence]
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