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Reference No:A/AOQ/5/1/10/1
Title:Yasmin talking with Alan Chong Kwan Part 1
Extent:1 compact disk
Description: Recording for Asian Connections ProjectTrack 1 Length 37 minutes, 55 seconds As child very aware of his father's background, of Chinese descent from Mauritius. His father admired NHS. After World War Two he came from Mauritius to study dentistry in Edinburgh. Set up practice in Dunfermline. (2.29) Father met his mother in Edinburgh. Engaged about 10 years then married. His father proud of his roots. French his first language. Alan not very aware of racism as child. Saw them as ignorant, needing education. (5.17) His dad strong work ethic, idealistic. His dad's first winter in Scotland so cold his mother sent him coat made out of a blanket. (6.30) Alan the second son. Brother David a dentist took over the practice. Grew up in house in Transy Grove. Went to Inchkeith Nursery, then Commercial Primary then Dunfermline High School. Job at British Aluminium Company in Burntisland for six months. College in York. (12.00) Studied Biology and Chemistry then went travelling abroad. First time he felt dad accepted him doing his own thing. Met up with dad in France. (14.33) Spent 8 years in London. Various jobs. Married a Scottish girl. They had two children. (17.42) His first son was born a year before his Dad died of a heart attack. Went to Mauritius once with rest of family when he was 11 or 12. (21.00) His dad's family lived in Port Louis they were wine merchants and had a shop. Dad first born of 13 children. Alan's uncle a dentist in Edinburgh. Rest of family moved from Mauritius to Montreal in Canada. (24.00) Discussion about staying in touch with family around the world. (27.00) Moved back to Scotland in 1990. Split up with his partner. He gave up job to look after his kids. (29.44) Alan's son had accident during a routine operation. Son was on holiday with Alan's mum. Son nearly died. He was 5. Description of legal fight to get the hospital to take responsibility. Took 7 years. (32.46) Difficult finding work with two kids. Lived in Newmills, kids at Commercial Primary School. Moved to Limekilns then back to Dunfermline. Met his current partner in 1987. Discussion about what his children are doing now.
Access Status:Open

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