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Reference No:A/AOQ/2/2/9
Title:African Drums and Shabnaam interviewed by Yasmin Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM09
Extent:1 CD
Description: Muslim Women Audio InterviewsRainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM009Language English, last 3 minutes of track 2 are in UrduTotal Time: 72mins :02 secondsTrack 1 3mins :07 seconds recording of drummingTrack 2 68:29 Yasmin interviews ShabnamShabnaam is 31 years old and born and brought up in the Pollockshields area of Glasgow. Lived there the first 11-12 years Got married at 18 She has a mother and a sister who is 8 years her senior, but was closer to her cousin who also lived with them. very spoilt, a daddy's girl, she was very close to her father / Her Dad died of a heart attack when she was 8 or 9 and when her cousin left home 2 months later this forced the family to work longer hours in her father's clothes shop in Paisley (3 mins). Pollock Shields was a very close-knit community and everyone got on well together / they had to move to Paisley when her father died / remarked on there being no racism at her school in Paisley / cousin left shortly after the father passed away. This shocked the community and was very humiliating for the mother /Her sister left home a year later and was found to have mismanaged the finances of the shop leaving Shabnaam and her mother in severe debt (10 mins 13), at which point they lost the shop and very nearly the flat as well. Mother was utterly devastated / Mother was well known in the community for the things she did / 14:37 Going back to old school, herself and friends getting harassed by boys. Going up to one of the boys house with a friend and asking his Mother and Sister to get him to stop. Just prior to starting secondary school, her mother took them to Pakistan to live with relatives(16 mins 22), but moved back to Scotland six months later as it was not working out. Describes meeting grandmother and the unfond memories she has of her / Going to fathers home village / 25:30 / How Pakistan is no place for a lone woman / Going to her mother's village / 29:30 /On their return they were invited to stay with her uncle in Wishaw while they applied for a council flat and let the property in Pollockshields out to rent, to pay off their debts (37 mins 40). It was at this time that she met her cousin Asif and they were married in 1995. They then moved to Dunfermline to run Asif's sports shops and her mother returned their Glasgow flat in 2000. Total running time 01:08:29 but they speak in Urdu after 01:05:48Track 3 26 secondsMP.SNL2010
Access Status:Open
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