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Reference No:A/AOQ/2/2/3
Title:Yasmin July 08 interview with S. Rainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM03
Extent:1 CD
Description: Married to Nafeez Muslim Women Audio InterviewsRainbow Lives SNL-MP-SM003Total Time: 1 hour 16 minutesLanguage EnglishTrack 1 She moved up to Scotland (Dunfermline / Dalgety Bay) two years ago from Manchester (Chorlton cum Hardy) because of an arranged marriage / Too nervous to speak when first meeting her future husband / 3:08 / How arranged marriages have changed in recent years / Had a small engagement; a few family members to dinner / Low-key wedding / 6:05 / Wedding trends, the costs involved / Weddings much more lavish in Scotland than in Manchester, surprised at seeing mixed dancing / 12:16 / Discussion about wedding details, lavish in some aspects and how henna is undervalued and how it is haggled over / How women with their own business are underappreciated / 20:30 / Preparing to go to Scotland right after the wedding, then going to Prague the next day; lots of packing to be done / 28:10 / Burst into tears at the end of the wedding dinner due to a build up of emotion and being the centre of attention / Drove up to Scotland directly after the wedding in a car with her husband / Had to stop at a petrol station in order to be the last to arrive as part of custom and emphatically refused to leave the car, until arriving at home, because make-up was a mess after crying so much / Enjoyed being introduced to the rest of her new family / 35:26 / Received a necklace from husband in Prague / Stopped wearing jewellery when child was born / 38:50 / Talks about her Valima (marriage banquet) that she had shortly after coming back from Prague / The dress that she wore for her Valima, getting to choose it herself instead of family / 49:00 / Her brother getting engaged and married / Growing up with sister / Schools they went to growing up in Manchester / Encountering racism in school / Encouraged by father in joining an orchestra and taking up music / 59:48 / Starting to wear the hijab and her father being upset with the decision / 1:07:30 / Returning to work, how her wearing the hijab was received / Her pregnancy was a lovely surprise / Discussion about caring for elder family members / Ends at 1:16:26.The interview seems to end mid conversation..MP.SNL
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