View details for: Reference No. A/AAO/78/1/2
Reference No:A/AAO/78/1/2
Title:SOUND BITE - CHILDRENS CHOIR & AN ADDRESS TO THE VETERANS BY H.M. LORD LT.OF FIFE, Mrs Margaret Dean 60th Anniversary Lunch, World War 2, Dunfermline
Extent:1 Tape
Description: Two (unedited) selected sound bites from Original Master Tape featuring :1. Children from the McLean & Cowdenbeath Primary School Choirs singing a selection of World War 2 songs 'The White Cliffs of Dover', 'Lilly of the Lamplight', 'We'll Meet Again' acompanied by veterans who joined in the singing2. After Dinner Address by HM The Lord Lt. of Fife, Mrs. Margaret Dean who also included some lines read at a Black Watch Commemoration Service, 'The Soldier 60 years ago'....' It is the soldier not the reporter who has given us the freedom of the PressIt is the soldier not the poet who has given us the freedom of speechIt is the soldier not the objector who has given us the freedom to demonstrateIt is the soldier who has given us a right to a fair trialIt is the soldier who salutes the flag, whos coffin is draped under the flag who gives freedom to the protester who burns the flagThis is the soldier lest we forget....'
Access Status:Open

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