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Reference No:A/AAO/35/2/5
Extent:1 document
Description: >Manuscripts written by Peter Maronney >The manuscript contains headings, short extracts focused on individual subjects / each subject follows in chronological sequence > Short Breeks Get Short Shrift > Onto A Wartime Footing> First Air Raid On UK Mainland > Faliure To reach Home Base> SINCA SOS > Aircraft Spotting> Achtung! > Contingency Preparations > The Tank-Trap > Jack & Jills> Too Many Cooks > Dads' Army> Fun & Games WI' Gamies > Rabbits Aplenty - 'Whiles'> The Luftwaffe Bound For Clydeside > Rationing Begins To Bite> A Farmers Boy No More > A Holiday Break - Requiring Plaster> Smallpox Epidemic > So-Long Civvy-Street> The SS Maloja > Destination Still Speculative> Durban's 'Lady In White' > The RAF 'Strike'> Adios Bombay
Access Status:Open

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